About The Hospital

Gandhi Hotel-Hospital’s objective is to ensure patients will be fully taken care of and their families and partners will be as comfortable as possible during the treatment. Due to the fact that focusing on treatments and also taking into accounts patients’ concerns will help them bounce back faster, the quality of the provided services to the patients and their partners and families is of paramount importance.

Our Mission


Providing health care services (diagnostic and treatment services based on national and international standards)

Providing state-of-the-art treatment services for patients and their partners and families, considering professional and ethical principles

Carrying out scientific studies and researches on health services

Changing society’s attitudes towards centers of health services

Organizational Values

  • Patient-centered
  • Caring and helpful
  • Professional and ethical commitment
  • Human resources development
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Customer-centered

International Patients Department (IPD)

بیمارستان گاندی

As the biggest and the most equipped therapeutic private complex in Iran and the Middle East, Gandhi Hotel-Hospital is founded to provide the best services in order to attract health tourism Tourism therapy or medical tourism is a travel from one country to another to obtain medical treatment. One reason for such travelling is the lack of similar treatment in their own countries. In addition, sometimes patients prefer medical tourism because the costs of the services could be considerably less than those of their own countries. According to the latest statistics, Iran is home to 30 to 35 thousand patients annually. The medical costs in Iran are lower than other western countries. That being said, by providing high-quality services, Gandhi Hotel-Hospital, in a not-too-distant-future, will become a tourism hub for attracting tourists from Asia and Europe

Log in International Patients Department(IPD)


بیمارستان گاندی

Ranking the biggest and the most equipped private treatment center in Iran and the Middle East, Gandhi Hotel-Hospital was founded in 2008 by a panel of national and international experts with the goals of providing diagnostic and treatment services and attracting health tourists. It is noteworthy to mention that Gandhi Hotel-Hospital is operating based upon the state-of-the-art technology in hotel management and health services.

The Hotel-Hospital complex, with an area of over 32,000 meters in square, has multifarious departments in a 17-story hospital and a 21-story hotel. It has 100 inpatient beds, 40 beds for intensive care, 17 operating rooms and 100 residential suites to accommodate patients and their partners and families.

Online Reception


Surgery Rooms

  • General Surgery
  • Women’s Surgery
  • Heart Surgery
  • Outpatient Surgery

اتاق عمل بیمارستان گاندی

Special Cares Department

  • ICU
  • CCU
  • NICU
  • ICU-OH


Integrated lab center

  • Outpatient Lab
  • Pathology Lab
  • Blood Bank
  • Other

آزمایشگاه گاندی

Imaging Center

  • Sonography
  • CT-Scan
  • MRI
  • Other

تصویر برداری پزشکی

In-house Services

  • Sampling
  • Care Services
  • Professional Services

خدمات در منزل

Health Checkups

  • Individual Checkup
  • Group Checkup

چکاپ سلامت

VIP Services

  • Consultation
  • Travel Planning
  • Translation and Escort
  • Other

بخش vip بیمارستان گاندی

Accreditation and Quality Improvement

  • Plans and Programs
  • Education
  • Hospital Committee

بهبود کیفیت


The team of physicians in the hospital are expert, experienced and committed to their professions. Should you want to find your favorite doctor in the shortest time possible, the best option would be to browse the web of the hospital. Through searching, you can type the favorable conditions you have in mind (e.g. physician’s name, specialty, etc…) and see the results of your searches