The universal approach in the international arena has been moving towards personalized medicine. In this regard, the construction of centers for producing somatic and stem cells and providing the related therapy services play an important and basic role. Nowadays, the original somatic cell transplantations are done by tissues derived from the patient’s own body (autologous) or its adult stem cells with original bone marrow, adipose tissue, umbilical cord blood, and other resources in the field of regenerative medicine. The results are used for treatments of incurable diseases through clinical tests. They can also be used for internationally licensed treatment methods in different research and treatment centers. In contrast to somatic cells, stem cells have the capacity to infinitely create any type of cell. This feature results in astonishing use of these cells in transplantations. Furthermore, using somatic and stem cells therapy in the treatments of skin diseases, cosmetics and cartilage-skeletal lesions, cardiovascular problems, neurodegenerative and spinal cord injuries and many other incurable diseases, cell therapy is considered as a turning point in modern medicine.

Cell and gene therapy center of the Gandhi Hotel-Hospital is located on the east side of the ninth floor of the complex. Having provided the required infrastructures and having been established on the experience and expertise of the knowledgeable researchers, this section has managed to successfully provide a nexus between genetics lab accomplishments and clinical and therapeutic services. Various physicians and researchers have gathered to extend and apply the newly-devolved methods to cure different diseases such as cancer, AIDS and other malignant diseases of that ilk. To date, about twenty thousand types of genetic or genetically-influenced diseases have been known. The center with fully experienced staff buttressed by state-of-the art cytogenetic technologies and molecular genetics have been established to give services to the clients in assessing the genetic status in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), Prenatal Diagnosis (PND), Postnatal Genetics and Adult Genetics with international standards and highest quality imaginable.