It goes without saying that being healthy is of the essence for everybody during their lifetime. Disease prevention or timely diagnoses, especially when the disease is in the nascent stage, is far easier than taking measures in later stages. Timely diagnosis can prevent further complications. Nowadays, health checkups can play a very important role in early diagnoses of the diseases so that any possible side effects can be prevented.
Gandhi Hotel-Hospital checkup clinic, with the help of the specialty and sub-specialty physicians and the most advanced medical instruments, provides expert clinical diagnostic and laboratory services. If the clients have any disorder in their body system, they can refer to the center in shortest possible time and at the least possible cost. They will be well taken care of by our dedicated professionals.
Checkup services are performed in different levels. In the primary level, basic examinations (basic cardiovascular examination, respiratory system examination and internist visit) will be carried out. More advanced checkups are performed in the center, too.