This center is located in the first floor of the hospital building and fulfills the medical needs of patients for a particular imaging procedure. Radiation protection standards have been fully observed in this section and radiology specialists and experienced experts are available to be at your service 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. Some of the distinctive services offered to our clients in this center are as follows:

  • Radiology: Different sorts of radiology, routine and specialized digital radiology needed by the physicians, like digital BE, IVP, Sialography and fistulography
  • Sonography: Routine and specialized sonography like transvaginal & transrectal sonography, infant and pregnancy Sonography, infant anomaly checkup, biophysical sonography, NT and NB, vascular Doppler sonography 3D and 4D
  • CT scan: Routine and specialized CT scan: Brain CT scan with and without injection, axial and coronal CT scan, posterior fossa CT scan, neck, abdominal and pelvis CT scan, larynx
    And spinal cord CT scan, whole body CT scan, soft and hart tissue with 3D simulation with very high quality upon the doctor’s request
  • MRI: Routine and specialized MRI: with or without injection, thoracic and lumbar spine, orbit, face, neck, abdominal and pelvis MRI, larynx and spinal cord MRI, whole body and soft and hard tissue like cardiac MRI for morphology, lower limbs, etc.
  • Bone density measurement: Whole body bone mineral density measurement, 3D images of bone tissues upon the specialist’s request
  • Mammography: One sided galactography, magnified view (of one area) mammography, one sided mammography on 2 films and 2 sided mammography on 4 films and all the other services related to mammography
  • All the routine and specialized services related to OPG and panoramic radiograph, cephalometry, fluoroscopy and so on……