As one of the very important division of the hospital the radiology and chemotherapy department is fully equipped to offer services to patients with cancers or patients with benign tumors. The division is located on the west side of the third floor of the hospital. The radiology department, having visited the patients suspected to have tumor or cancer diseases, will provide therapeutic measures to the clients who have failed to be given a clean bill of health in order to prevent further possible damages to healthy tissues.
Using the most advanced and modern radiotherapy instruments such as linear accelerator, PCRT-3D advanced treatment planning and molding systems, the radiology center provides best radiology services (e.g. 3D conformal radiotherapy and IMRT). In addition, in not-too-very- distant future multileaf collimator will be ready to be used in the department, too.
The center, with the help of distinguished radiotherapy and oncology experts and professional staff, are prepared to utilize the most up to date and advanced instruments in radiology to provide services. The list of the most important activities that take place in the department include:

  • Designing a complete plan for proper and uncomplicated treatment
  • Providing regular and scheduled radiotherapy sessions
  • Radiation leakage safety control and monitoring
  • Providing expert radiotherapy services in a safe, quiet and stress-free environment

It should be mentioned that the center will accept patients’ insurance coverage based on the tariffs defined by ministry of health and medical education.