The department is catered for supervision of the patients with special conditions and provides intensive care medicine. Each division is fully equipped with separate rooms for special surgeries and isolated rooms to prevent the spread of infection and diseases. This is what gives the Gandhi Hotel-Hospital a unique superiority over other national institutions.

  • ”General

    General ICU special care units: ICU department is located on the seventh floor of the apartment. The department has 7 beds with an isolated room and one room for special operations and is centralized with ventilator, monitor, suction and oxygen. Other facilities also include ECG, the DC Shock, portable suction pump and infusion pump. In this section, patients are constantly under surveillance of CCTV cameras and are regularly monitored by experienced nurses. The patients will be taken care for based upon the standards under the supervision of the nurses chosen meticulously after several interviews and screening tests. Using the state-of-the-art knowledge integrated with great expertise, our dexterous anesthetic specialists provide very safe anesthetic services.
  • ”Coronary

    Coronary Care Unit (CCU): The Gandhi Hotel-Hospital CCU department is located on the sixth floor of the complex. It has 8 beds, two isolated rooms and a room for special operations and is equipped with a ventilator, ECG, DC Shock, ultrasound, echo VIVID and portable radiology. In addition, each bed is equipped with vital signs monitor, oxygen and suction devices and syringe pump. The patients are constantly observed by CCTV cameras and regularly overseen by expert nurses.
  • ”Neonatal

    Neonatal Intensive-Care Unit (NICU): This unit has 5 inpatient beds, 5 incubators for babies, 3 ventilators, 2 neopuff devices, Monitoring- CPAP Blender, portable graph, 2 resuscitation beds and mother’s milk lounge. Our highly skilled panel of specialists including dedicated physicians, nurses and other professionals and neonatal caregivers provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The nurses in this unit has the required experience and expertise to provide expert care for infants. Furthermore, state-of-the-art equipment have been provided in this pleasant and agreeable atmosphere. Post NICU admission wards with 10 beds and 20 newborn baby cuts provide full services in this regard. Gandhi Hotel-Hospital prides itself on having the presence of two pediatric ultra specialized surgeons and urologists in this section. The NICU aims at proving a very pleasant and agreeable atmosphere for you and your precious baby; Our sole objective is to gain your trust and satisfaction