As the biggest and the most equipped therapeutic private complex in Iran and the Middle East, Gandhi Hotel-Hospital is founded to provide the best services in order to attract health tourism.

Health Tourism

Tourism therapy or medical tourism is a travel from one country to another to obtain medical treatment. One reason for such travelling is the lack of similar treatment in their own countries. In addition, sometimes patients prefer medical tourism because the costs of the services could be considerably less than those of their own countries. According to the latest statistics, Iran is home to 30 to 35 thousand patients annually. The medical costs in Iran are lower than other western countries. That being said, by providing high-quality services, Gandhi Hotel-Hospital, in a not-too-distant-future, will become a tourism hub for attracting tourists from Asia and Europe.

International Patients Department (IPD)

The International reception takes places through the international patients department from the very beginning of your entrance or even before that. All the procedures pertained to international patients such as outpatients’ reference reception, hospitalization and discharge are carried out in IPD. In the department, multilingual experts will submit to the head of the department the patient’s information given by themselves or their partners. After thorough analysis of the information, required measures will be taken in order to go through the treatment stages and reference to specialized divisions or departments. The services are provided exclusively and for VIP purposes. Apart from these, the translators will provide constant services to the patients and their families and partners.

  • CEO: Dr.Mohsen Pirouz Hashemi
  • IPD Doctor:Dr.Mohsen Pirouz Hashemi
  • IPD Experert:Miss.Shiva Haghdadeh
  • Location:Labby,next to Reception
  • Phone No:(+9821)42603000 internal num 1307
  • اEmail:
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    The approximate cost of Gandhi Hotel-Hospital patients about Health Tourism
  • International Patients

    VIP Services

    International Patients

    • Accompanying you from airport The international patients department will accompany the clients from the very moment they set foot in the airport until the last step in which our agents see them off after all diagnostic and therapeutic stages are completed. Special transportation vehicles have been provided for this purpose.
    • Travel plan The international patients department of the Gandhi Hotel-Hospital plans clients’ travel with regard to their preferences. The plan is perfectly designed based on the patients’ time limitations and their medical needs. The plan is designed in a way that the services will be provided in the shortest amount of time and with the highest quality.
    • Online and in person consultation Our experts in IPD department are more than ready to guide you and respond to all your questions.

    • Translation and accompaniment In Gandhi Hotel-Hospital you won’t encounter any communication problem. Our professional staff, who are fluent in different languages, will accompany you in all treatment stages.
    • Travel tour The aim of the Gandhi Hotel-Hospital is to make the travel for the clients as memorable as possible. Travel agency present in the hospital will plan spectacular tours for the patients. The tours make the travel as enjoyable and as memorable as possible for you.