About the Hotel-Hospital

In Gandhi Hotel- Hospital, which is the biggest and the most equipped treatment and comfort services provider in Iran, has amalgamated the art of hospitality and the modern medical equipment to provide a very unique atmosphere for the clients. The clients will go through distinct treatment procedures in a tranquil atmosphere. In addition, our staff will accompany you from the very beginning (from the airport) until the very end of your travel (to the airport).



Residency Conditions

Gandhi Hotel-Hospital, being a unique and special service provider in the country, offers various services to the patients and their families and partners. The 10-story-department has 90 suites. Each suite, in addition to various welfare services, has advanced medical equipment. In the division, the caring and professional nurses join forces with the hostesses to provide best services for the clients. Patients who need more than two nights of residency can stay in the Hotel.

Covered Insurances

For the sake of the clients’ comfort, Gandhi Hotel-Hospital has signed contracts with different insurance companies which leads to easier reception and discharge of the patients. The insurance companies we have signed contract with are: Alborz, Saman, Asia, Mellat, Pasargad, SOS, Iran, Mihan, Dana, Sina, Sina, Sarmad, Asmari, Novin, Day, Razi, Taavon, Shahrdari (Shaheh Salem), Sanat Naft, Seda Va Sima, Kanoon Sardaftaran and all banks.



Comfort Services

  • Restaurant:
  • Coffee Shop: Gandhi Hotel-Hospital indoor coffee shop welcomes guests from both inside the building and outside in the campus. The Hotel-Hospital provides services in accordance with international standards such as hot and cold drinks, breakfast and a variety of burgers. Apart from high-quality services, when you are having a great time in the coffee shop, you can use the high speed internet, too. Working hours: 8 to 24
  • Bank: a booth of Mellat bank located in the lobby of the hospital offers services as well.
  • Travel Agency: ASA Travel Agency in the Hospital is ready to provide all types of services such as selling tickets for all domestic and international airlines and tours, hotel reservation, getting visa and providing CIV services in airports.
  • Gym:
  • Conference Room: The conference room of the Hotel-Hospital, with a capacity of 120 people, is located on the first floor of the building . The section has facilities like audio- visual systems with direct access to the surgery rooms, cameras, data projector, video central, educational systems (visualizer) and also catering services. The equipment provide a perfect place for holding national and international workshops and seminars.
  • Flower Shop: Gandhi flower shop is located in the courtyard of the hotel, offering a variety of natural and artificial flowers, bonsai, accessories and all services of flower adornments ( with free delivery to all parts of the country). Working Hours: 8 to 21
  • Mosque: A mosque is located on the first floor of the hotel with two distinct sections (men and women) to provide a tranquil environment for performing religious practices.
  • Exclusive Parking Lot: The parking of the complex, which has five floors and consists of 2 exclusive sections (one for doctors and one for patients), provides services to the patients.

Consultation and Reception

Should you have any questions or need any consultations, our IPR experts will be at your service. You can contact us through following ways. Phone: (+9821) 42603000 E-mail: info@gandhihotelhospital.ir
Online registration is also possible.