• ”Nursing

    Nursing management With regard to the mission of the hospital, which is providing specialty and subspecialty services and providing diagnostic and therapeutic services with the help of efficient staff and utilization of the best equipment, the nursing management department finds it incumbent to leave no stone unturned to provide the best facilities to meet the expectations of the clients. In the section, all the staff are recruited after several interviews. Having passed the screening tests, they will pass the education and training courses ( including accreditation standards, infection control, safety, respecting patients, proper handling of the instruments and equipment,…) . All the services in the section are provided with the highest standards possible in order to meet all the expectations of the clients.

  • ”Public

    Public relation Public relation is located beneath the ground floor of the Gandhi Hotel-Hospital, next to the nursing office. Due to the fact that it has numerous important functions in the hospital, it always plays a very significant role in the hospital. The functions of the section are as follows: o Follow-up, manufacturing and supplying seals for different departments of the hospital o Follow-up, manufacturing and supplying seals for doctors o Running errands related to printing of brochures and manuals of the hospital o Dealing with subjects related to the design and printing of the hospital o Monitoring the reception unit o Developing marketing and advertising plan of the hospital o Preparing page headers o Planning for celebrations for different occasions o Doing activities in the field of tourism therapy and expanding cross-border activities of the hospital o Participating in different exhibitions, workshops and congresses o Membership in professional committees of the hospital o Answering to the complains, criticisms and suggestion made by patients and their families and partners o Organizing, planning and training the host unit of the hospital

  • ”Discharge”

    The discharge process  is considered a very important step in hospital management. Easy and quick discharge is an important process that all other activities and services in the hospital join force to make it as easy and convenient as possible. In this procedure,  all the links between the units will be defined to integrate the functionality of the different units, creating a harmonious inter-organizational  system. Activities such as patient reception, diagnostic and therapeutic measures, among other things, are all related, in a way or another, to the discharge process. In this regard, the division is a coordinating agent among other units.
    The roles and functions of the division are as follows: o Preparing Kardex for patients according to the data provided by reception unit o Preparing files for outpatients o Registering patients’ Kardex based on the provided services o Preparing weekly bill for hospitalized patients o Preparing accounting file o Calculating patients’ on-account payments o Calculating the bills of costs received from different departments and units of the hospital and recording them in patients’ Kardex o Filling in the Kardex by the costs registered by the doctors o Preparing a summarized form of the bills of both patients and the doctors o Delivery of medical records and bills o Obtaining exit permission for the patients

  • ”Medical

    The duty of the medical equipment unit of the hospital is managing all the issues related to the medical instruments and equipment in order to provide a safe environment for the patients and the staff of the hospital according to the highest standards.
    These ends are aimed to be met by using modern techniques, instruments and devices considering the needs of the center as to the quality improvement, preserving the instruments and optimizing their operating life and their precision and also by trying to promote the level of the scientific knowledge of the staff. In this center we bend over backwards to improve the three indicators of “efficiency”, “effectiveness”  of our instruments and “patients’ satisfaction”.